Off to Africa!

Kathy Delhbom (my good friend from Fountain of Life Church in Springfield, MO) and I will be off to Africa April 17- May 2. Anita Currier is not traveling with us this time, but is sure with us in spirit. The packing and preparations are progressing. It takes a couple...

Report from Philippines

Bretha Lumanatis continues to feed spiritually and physically in southern Philippines. Shown in this photo, Bretha behind the young girl teaching the small ones the truths of God’s Word.

Pastor Margaret

Enrollment at Pastor Margaret’s home/church/school is 118 students this year. I remember when we did a seminar at her church in 2016. She had kids running everywhere. She gave us a meal in her home that serves as a classroom. Her church, a few feet away, is a...

Report from Mt. Elgon – Pastor Titus

I don’t divulge the names of individual supporters, but Pastor Titus wins the hearts of so many. His church school is supported monthly so the children have teachers, school supplies, and lunches. Pastor Titus sends receipts faithfully. Any special project he needs is...

John and Tabitha Garang – part 2

Thanks to Oasis Church for All Nations and Room #4 Ministry in Oxford, Mississippi for donating the funding for windows and doors put on the new cafeteria building for the Children Are People school. Little by little the building is being completed. Paint and wiring...

Reports from Mt. Elgon – Pastor Davidson

The children under Pastor Davidson’s care had chicken for Christmas dinner. Balloons and suckers provided a “grand finale” to their day. There are many widows with children on or near Mt. Elgon. Pastor Davidson wrote to us about one recently: “Allow me introduce...

John and Tabitha Garang – Moi’s Bridge, Kenya

Christmas dinner this year made the children very happy.  Pastor John selected three goats and two sheep slaughtered at the nearby butcher’s market. Pastor John sent pictures for each step of the process. Here is Pastor John choosing the sheep and the goats. (Notice...

December 2017 Newsletter

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PayPal will Add 1% to Donations this December

From November 28 through December 31, PayPal will add 1% to all donations made to benefit Children are People through PayPal's Holiday Campaign Donate page and the PayPal app.  Click here the link below for donations.

Pastor John and Tabby

Pastor John and Tabby continue to work very hard caring for the children, overseeing the CAP school and pastoring the ever growing church in Mois Bridge. The Christmas meal (including chicken) is cooked by each house mom for her group of children each year. When we...

Feeding Program

In the Philippines, Bretha Lumanatis faithfully feeds children and teaches them God's Word weekly. She does so much with very little.

Pastor Davidson

Pastor Davidson feeds children on the mountain a Christmas meal each year. The needs of one family are greater than food this Christmas. The family pictured lost all their bedding in a fire one morning while attending church. It gets cold on the mountain, so we want...

Pastor Titus

Pastor Titus graciously sends me his receipts every month showing how he used the funds we send him. Through supporters' donations, CAP is providing for his school lunch program feeding about 60 children every school day. This past month, he included this...

Amazon Smile

Wrap-up your holiday shopping at and Amazon donates to Children Are People Inc.

September 2017 Newsletter

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