February 2017 eNewsletter

A lot has happened during the past months. Click here to read all about it in our newsletter.

Pastor Titus has help!

High up the mountain resides Pastor Titus, wife Judith and his church/school with 60 young children. Supporters bought a donkey to carry water located 4 km away.

Philippines – Feeding Program

Bretha Lumanatas feeds hundreds of children each week. She cooks all the food and gives a Bible lesson after they eat. Which is more valuable….physical food or the spiritual food?

Mt. Elgon – Pastor Davidson

Pastor Davidson reports his ground is ready to plant. CAP purchases his seed and fertilizer each year for his crops. His harvest feeds many children on the mountain including AIDS orphans.

CAP Graduate goes back to South Sudan

Changkuoth has not seen his family for 15 years. He came to Kenya with John and completed his education. He is taller than Pastor John and towers above our team member, Luetta Borkholder. Changkuoth helped with the younger children so much; he will me missed.
He plans to find work in South Sudan and help rebuild his homeland. Great fellow!

Mt. Elgon – Pastor Titus

High up on the mountain is a small church and school overseen by Pastor Titus, a friend of Pastor Davidson. There are 60 children in the school so feeding them everyday is a challenge. They also have to carry water up the mountain every day. They need a donkey. Pastor Titus plows with an oxen team growing crops to sustain his family and other children.

CAP School – 126 enrolled

Most of the students are age 3-5 yrs, but classes up to 4th Grade are now in session. When funds permit, classrooms for students up to 8th grade will be built.

November’s Newsletter

A lot has happened during the past months. Click here to read all about it in our newsletter.

Full Day

Pastors Conference Midwives receiving birthing kits Clothing give away

Pastor Thomas

Last stop of the trip. Pastor Thomas church and school.