Cas and Crystal Magdaong

Crystal grew up in a small U.S. town near Payson, IL.  During her college years she received the call to missions.  She made trips to the Philippines serving on the YWAM base near Manilla and married Casimiro Magdaong in the Philippines  on May 17, 2013.  They are one heart and one mind with God desiring to care for children in their ministry called “Abba’s House.”  Working on dual citizenship for Cas brought them back to the U.S. for the interim, but living on the island is the life-long  plan.  Pray for land and a home for the “Abba House” ministry.   The street children are ready for a home.  Children Are People plans to assist them as much as possible with short-term missions to the Philippines to spread the CAP message that CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE!!