Pastor Titus graciously sends me his receipts every month showing how he used the funds we send him. Through supporters’ donations, CAP is providing for his school lunch program feeding about 60 children every school day.

This past month, he included this photo of three-year-old Laurence Wekesa Mulongo, whose mother deserted him and married another man very far from the child’s home. His father is mentally sick, so Laurence is staying with the grandmother, who is unable to take care of him. “This boy has never stood up. One eye doesn’t see. One hand seems to have no strength. Both legs do not have strength to stand up. They have never sent this child to the hospital that they may examine or check this complication that all concerning the child,” reports Pastor Titus.

If possible, CAP could send the child to be examined and find out what could be done for his vision and his legs. I am hopeful for more, but a wheelchair at least so he could be transported without the grandmother having to carry him. Let me know if you want to help.

The Bible Study group in Palmyra, MO raised $300, over half of what Pastor Titus needs, to buy a cart and harness for his donkey, Safari. If you want to help, let me know. We might make it by Christmas!?