The children under Pastor Davidson’s care had chicken for Christmas dinner. Balloons and suckers provided a “grand finale” to their day.

There are many widows with children on or near Mt. Elgon. Pastor Davidson wrote to us about one recently:

“Allow me introduce Mellap Namalwa. Mellap lives at Kuywa village at the base of Mt. Elgon (about 10 kms West of Chwele town). She is a mother of four. Her husband died three years ago when she was two months pregnant with the youngest daughter. Mellap needs our prayers and material help. Her house collapsed on the rear. She has no means of repairing it or building another house. With the Lord’s help, we can do even a two bed-roomed house for her. In the meantime, let’s put her before the Lord!”

Children Are People can put up a two bedroom home by buying timber for the frame and tin sheets for the roof. The cost is about $300 USD. Men will frame the house with timber, pack it with mud/straw in between, and cover it with the tin roof. It makes a rain-proof home that lasts longer than thatched-roofed homes.

Besides projects like the one mentioned, CAP provided schools fees for a few children on Mt. Elgon. Last year Pastor Davidson sold his cow to pay his own children’s school fees. One or our supporters read about the sale and bought him a new cow for Christmas. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!! In 2018 we plan to purchase land for farming and eventually have an early childhood school built on the land. Pray God does a quick work. It would help the small children who walk a good distance to school stay closer to their homes.