Pastor John and Tabby continue to work very hard caring for the children, overseeing the CAP school and pastoring the ever growing church in Mois Bridge.
The Christmas meal (including chicken) is cooked by each house mom for her group of children each year. When we send the funds, John will divide the monies according to the number
Of children in the house. Bisquits (cookies) and sweeties (candy) will follow their meal. Food for this meal costs about $300-$350. If you would like to give towards the meal, please indicate it when giving.

Looking forward to 2018:

  1. The greatest challenge is completing the cafeteria for the school. We were hoping to finish the building before school starts again in January, but that is questionable.
  2. Another challenge is providing school fees, uniforms, shoes, and personal care for the 100+ children.
  3. Looking for ways to provide more self-sustainability.