Kenya has many homeless boys that range between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Many of these boys are addicted to sniffing glue that destroys their minds with similar effects like drug abuse. Some are orphans and some have run away because of abusive homes. Some are on the streets because of circumstances but others choose to be there. It’s heartbreaking to see such young lives being wasted, however, in such circumstances the love of Christ can shine brighter. 

We had several opportunities to minister to these young men. It’s simple to get their attention, feed them. It’s heartbreaking to see a little boy eat a full loaf of plain bread. Unimaginable dangers and difficulties face them daily—hunger, fear, weather conditions, criminals and other dangers. No wonder so many become thieves and turn to drugs to numb the pain. Our hearts break when thinking of the horrible situations these children must have faced in their homes to choose a life of hunger and difficulty on the streets. We shared food and the love of Jesus with these boys. 

Several years ago Children Are People tried putting Jackson, a street boy, into school. We desperately wanted him to succeed. The first time we purchased him a uniform and paid his school fees. He promptly sold the new uniform for one-third its value and connived the remaining school fee money from the secretary. We tried again; he ran away. A structured lifestyle was too much for him. When God puts someone on your heart, giving up isn’t optional. We tried again. This time he harassed the students so much he was expelled. We were so disappointed. We had one comfort, we tried. We decided there was nothing more we could do. Then GOD moved! It’s amazing, Jackson is a believer, has a home, a wife and family. Now Jackson is appointed by his county government to oversee other street boys. He is a living testimony of a transformed life. Praise the Lord!