On Mount Elgon we purchased a new motorcycle for Pastor Davidson, provided his son with a laptop, a useful tool for his future schooling, and distributed many feminine packs provided by Eden Song Ministries and Central Baptist Church. Clothing given by Kathy Dehlbom’s friends were handed out to pastors’ wives and women/girls in need. We appreciate all the generosity of our faithful friends. It would not be possible to do what we do without your prayers and support! 

We were greeted with much sadness on the mountain. Our dear friend Metrine lost her young daughter. Isabella was in her mid to late twenties, and had been severely diabetic for years and finally lost the battle. Metrine lost her mother, Nora, just a couple of months ago. She’s suffered such loss recently. Along with the death of her family members, she also lost her cow to disease. Losing a cow in Africa is like losing your car and job at the same time. It’s gone.

There was no hope to replace it, but because of the generous gift from a friend we were able to purchase Metrine another cow. She can sell the milk to help provide for herself.

In the time of grief, it’s so easy to feel alone and forsaken. God has NOT forgotten her!