While on Mt. Elgon, the Children Are People team was able to visit Julie and her family. Julie is a bright 15-year-old girl who had polio as a young child and is unable to walk. Even though this disease affected her limbs, it has not affected her spirit. She is such a lovely sweet young lady. CAP provided her with a wheelchair last year. Julie’s mother provided for Julie until she lost her teaching job due to a foot injury. They moved to her homeplace where her gracious parents dwell. It is culturally improper for her father to sleep in the same house as his daughter since she had been married. For $300 we could provide metal roofing and timber to help this family build Julie and her mother their own little house on her parents’ property. Because of a dear supporter, her house is being built.

The team also visited Emmanuel who many of you know from last year. Emmanuel’s legs needed tendon release surgery so he could learn to walk. Thanks to the supporter who paid for his surgery and care he is recovering, but will need braces starting in July as he learns to walk properly.