Our trip began in Moi’s Bridge visiting our main project of the Children Are People School and spending much time making necessary improvements there and at the children’s homes. With 160 children nothing less can be expected. Things we in the States take so quickly for granted are daily struggles for children in Kenya.

Daily difficulties such as five children with malaria in one day, house mother illnesses and septic tank overflows are just a few. The Kenya government sometimes adds to the difficulties and unfortunately, there is still so much corruption in Africa. There are always needs but with the prayers and support of others, we were able to bring hope to these situations.

We are excited and blessed, our school ranked second among schools in their local zone this year. We are so proud of our students and thank God for the great teachers that dedicate so much time and effort into the lives of these little people. Please continue to pray for God’s direction and provision in the school. All children deserve the right to a good education in a safe and secure atmosphere. Will Guest’s Golfing Fundraiser on June 8, 2019, in Oxford, Mississippi will give the school a needed boost. We need classrooms completed, a transportation van, supplies for the teachers, etc. Next year as we add eighth grade, we will need to board students in one-half of the Children Are People House.

The simplest little things become some of the sweetest memories. Under the hot African sun with a simple stick and the dusty African yard, Marianne, a student at our school, patiently taught Luetta and Marie a lesson in Swahili—numbers, letters and basic phrases. It’s humbling really, if a young child can so easily see opportunities, where are we as adults? There are so many things we can learn from children. Let us learn from the wisdom of Christ—unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Matt:18:2-4. How often do we as adults miss the gifts and divine appointments of God in our pride and arrogance?