Pastor Margaret, a retired public school teacher, administrates this academy where she takes children fleeing tribal conflict on the mountain. Her teachers receive $30 per month salary which is difficult to pay with so many orphans. The parents she does have are a good help with the school.
We could really use a sponsor for her school to provide lunch and books. Each time she sends a report, she is building another classroom to accommodate the new influx of students. The building Is a simple structure of a timber skeleton filled with mud and grass bricks (more like blobs). Students leave the nearby schools to enroll in hers because she so loves the children.

They celebrated the 14th anniversary of the church with afternoon street meetings and evening revival meetings where many came to Jesus. You can see in the photo that many children responded to the preaching. The services ran for one weekday and night.

Pastor Tabby took a trip to Egypt and Israel with her family, who invited her and paid her way. Pastor John said as he pouted, “How could she say no?” 🙂